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It seems like forever, we have always said, a picture was worth a thousand words. Now, in todays hot social media times, a picture may only be worth a few hundred likes, or some retweets.

Using pictures online is important for many reasons. Onine today, more than ever is clearly a visual medium and if you want to tell your story or bring in more views to your pages, you have to use a photo!
But while some people get or be excited that you're using a photo that they took or maybe an image they created, it's become a realty today that most are not. Besides all the high traffic and important Google rankings, the fact is if you are using someone else's work without their permission is not only very wrong but could in fact also be illegal.

The U.S. Copyright laws today may be years behind the ultra fast paced world of social media and blogs online right now, today, but they are the division of the Government that still controls how a copyrighted work can and cannot be used. And while there are usualy several different aspects of Copyright law that have turned into digotal these days, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act does not provide anything new when it comes to explaining how you can properly use someone else's pictures or graphics online. And , it is safe to assume that because most people just won't take the time to read the law and yes, even those who do , but may not understand exactly what these laws really mean, we have set up this online resource to help you.


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